Across From The Ferry Dock
Close to Everything
Easy To Reach
By Ferry or Plane
Your Home Away From Home
Complete With Pool
Fun For Everyone

The Harbor View Motel is your home away from home on Beaver Island, Michigan.

Harbor View motel LocationIt features 2 bedroom condominiums accommodating 4-6 people and motel rooms, accommodating 2-4 people. It also has the island’s only swimming pool. Whether you dream of solitary walks along the shoreline or poolside cookouts with family and friends, the Harbor View is the perfect port of call for your next getaway. Conveniently located in the heart of town and across from the ferry dock, the Harbor View Motel offers all the comforts of home with a spectacular view of Beaver Island’s Paradise Bay, a natural hook-shaped harbor that is home to the town of St. James.

Getting Here...

Getting to Beaver Island and the Harbor View Motel is almost as much fun as being here. Travel by plane and be here in 15 minutes, or embark on the ferry and Beaver Island is a beautiful, relaxing 2 hour cruise away.

All travel begins in Charlevoix which is served by Island Airways or Fresh Air Aviation for the quick trip or the Emerald Isle or Beaver Islander for the more relaxing ferry boat ride, originating at the Beaver Island Boat Company ferry dock in Charlevoix Harbor.